“There is a wounded mankind, in need, and it is for it that we exist”, says Moysés Azevedo

The founder of Shalom Catholic Community, Moysés Azevedo, talked about the graces received during the Shalom Convention 35 years, on the last day of the event.

Moyses, founder of the Shalom Catholic Community, underlined our need to recognize our littleness facing God’s calling. “We are small”. “Smallness generate simplicity, simplicity generates courage”. Commenting on the words siad by Pope Francis to the Community, Moysés insisted on the fact that the good news we must give to the world is Mercy: “the contents of our evangelization is Mercy”, he underlined.
The contents of our evangelization is Mercy
Quoting the Supreme Pontiff, the founder motivated the Community to be ready, after the 35 years celebration, to announce that God is great. Mentioning Saint Faustina, he defended that, even facing so many painful and difficult situations we live in the world, we must remember that even if something seems impossible, God does not see the way we see. God can realize a miracle in the soul of every single person in this world. “We must be a sign of this mercy, for God’s miracle to renew every thing”, Moysés exhorted, naming the countries where the Community is established, affirming that the challenges we live in the evangelization are not bigger than God’s action.
“The path to live and announce this mercy is to step out of ourselves”, said the founder remembering the words of the Holy Father.
The founder still mentioned three important points for a fertile missionary activity. The first point is a prayer life. Moysés said that we increase our missionary activity, we also have to increase our commitment with the prayer life. “The more exigent is the mission, the more we have to kneel down”, he said. He added that the force of our mission is in the prayer, and asked for the participants of the Convention to get back home with a reinforced commitment with their spiritual life.
The second point was the living the fraternal charity, warning that the Community cannot allow divisions, but has to be a testimony of mutual and free love for the world to believe.
The last point mentioned by Moysés was the missionary emergency.
“There is a wounded mankind, in need, and it is for it that we exist”.
He said also that there is many pain in the world, and God has a great compassion for it. “We are sent to this world to give freely what we have freely received”. The founder said that no one can forget their life offering, for all mankind.
He concluded saying that our offering should be generous and happy, for many people to be saved through it.


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