“There’s no human condition that can’t be healed, with love!”


“The Song of the Irias” is a play written by Wilde Fabio, a member of the Shalom Catholic Community.  It has been performed all over Brazil to wide acclaim. It was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and most recently English. The central theme revolves around the same “Salvation Story” found in the bible, from Genesis to Jesus.  We see how the first human, who was an intimate friend of God, lost that personal relationship .  As the story progresses, the viewer sees how the protagonist’s sins transform him from a human into an “Iria” – or a deformed person. Finally, the play explains how Jesus brought back this person’s dignity, and in doing so saved all mankind.  It’s all based on a true-story, and demonstrated through this person’s real-life experience.

The play was performed in Boston on April 7th in English and again on April 8th in Portuguese. The fruits of many prior months of hard work by the entire cast and supporting ensemble could be seen at the end of each night’s performance.  There was a very real and present feeling of happiness and of God’s power to touch and transform people’s lives through the arts.


Check out the actors and actresses testimonials to learn how their participation in this years production of “The Song of the Irias” inspired and affected them.



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