Two new priests of Shalom Catholic Community


The archdiocese of Fortaleza has held, the 22nd of December, at 18:30, in the metropolitan cathedral, a solemn Eucharistical celebration in which have been ordained new priests, through the imposition of hands and the prayer of consecration of His Eminence José Antônio Aparecido, Metropolitan Archbishop of Fortaleza. Two out of the six new priests are members of Shalom Catholic Community, the deacons Douglimar Estevam da Silva Lucena and Paulo Henrique Morais Araújo, who lived a time of diaconate serving the Church, the community and the brothers.
On the path to the priesthood, the diaconal ordination is a service, a ministry in the Church, not only a “temporary phase”, but it is a grace and a position included in the priesthood.

Before the ordination, each deacon chose an ordination “motto”, from the Word of God. This motto, which is a biblical verse, is part of the person’s history or represents what he wishes to live during his priesthood, following the teachings of our Lord.

Who are the new priests of Shalom Community?

The new priests are missionaries from Shalom Life Community who pronounced their Definitive Promise.
Douglimar Estevam – motto: « You will receive the Holy Spirit and you will be my witnesses » (Acts of the apostles 1,8) Born in Caicó, (Rio Grande do Norte state), he joined Shalom Catholic Community in 1999. Since childhood, he felt called to priesthood. As a teenager, he was a member Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and discovered his vocation thanks to Shalom missionaries who preached in the cities where the community was not established. Today, Douglimar is in mission in the Community’s General Governance (Diaconia) in Aquiraz (Ceará state), serving the Apostolic Assistance.

Paulo Henrique – motto: « Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you » (John 21,17) Born in Icatu (Maranhão state), he is 37 years old, and is the eighth of nine children. He knew Shalom Catholic Community during a Carnival retreat in 2001. The same year, he participated in an Acamp’s (a Shalom youth camp), and decided to consecrate his life in Shalom Charisma. Paulo Henrique serves today the community in a formation House (Discipleship) in Quixadá.


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