United to bring hope to Africa

Missions from the Shalom Catholic Community in Europe organize collections for the benefit of the missions in Africa.


The Shalom Community has been present in the African continent since 2007. In January, the Community sent its 6th African mission to Lubango, the capital city of Angola.

In the words of Pope Francis, serving God in the various countries on “the continent of hope” bears many graces, but also immense challenges. Africa is highlighted by contrasts: spiritual richness and deficiency in natural resources; living faith in the face of religious intolerance as well as war and peace.

Faced with these realities, the current missionaries, moved by the Divine Grace and together with Africans, wish to build a life based on the Gospel values of justice, human dignity and charity.

The missionary campaign launched by the Shalom Community in February is called: “Your help brings hope to Africa.” It will be held for five months and hopes to raise, with the financial assistance from the Community’s missions in Europe, a total sum of 6,ooo Euros, which will be distributed to those living in the most deprived areas of the African continent, while supporting the Community’s evangelization activities which promote human and spiritual development.


You too can help bring hope to the African continent!

COMUNITÀ CATTOLICA SHALOM – International Assistance

Current Account: 100000008887 | Bank: Banca Prossima


For the transfer from abroad the following codes must be used:

IBAN: IT40W0335901600100000008887

BIC receiving bank (SWIFT): BCITITMX


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