[VIDEO] “Crucified Love” | Vocational Song


Natasha Ferreira and Yara Rocha sing in Arabic and Hebrew the song Crucified Love. They are Brazilian Life Community members of Shalom Catholic Community in Haifa, Israel.


How can I not adore You, Oh Wounded Heart?
Source of Peace, of all Peace How can I not adore You Oh Crucified Love? 

Holy, Holy, You are Holy
Your gaze is consolation
Your pain is mercy
Your silence is salvation and light The place where I belong is with You at the foot of Your Cross 

You are Holy,
Crucified one, You are righteous
Merciful God, Almighty,
Gentle and humble of heart
You are Holy,
Crucified one, You are so strong
You conquered hatred and death, You won Oh Lord, Your victory is Love

Jesus, Jesus, I want to be a friend of the Cross 


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