[VIDEO] New Work (Obra Nova) | Shalom Vocational 2018

“The Lord, our God, who deserves all the love of the world, accomplishes a Work (an interior and exterior act of God) among us: a new work, a new pathway. It is something new, something wonderful. I feel like God is willing to offer one more manifestation of His creative power. God wants fervently to open a new way in the desert and thus forming a new people, a chosen people, molded by His hands to walk this path and undertake it in their lives. We are these people. God has called us to this magnificent vocation”  (Moysés Azevedo – Writings of the Shalom Catholic Community).

New Work” is a song based on the prophesy of Isaiah (Isa 43:19-21) who inspired the founder Moysés Azevedo to write the first text of the Writings of Shalom Catholic Community in 1984.  Along with the Statutes, the Writings of Shalom Catholic Community forms the basis of its Spirituality and reveals the identity of the Charism and the spirit of the founder. 

New Work (Obra Nova)

Shalom Catholic Community

Composer: Emmir Nogueira | Izaías Luciano

Singer: Thaís Oliveira

Musicians: Eduardo Cardoso | Alisson Araújo | Alysson Silva


See I am doing a new work, something new, a new work Behold it springs forth, can’t you see it?

Can’t you see it? Can’t you see it?

A new work for this time

A new work for my Church

A very precious work to my heart

I bring to you a new praise

I call you to a new poverty

Behold the living Gospel for today


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