[VIDEO] To Love You More (Amar-te mais)| Shalom Vocational 2018


To love you more” is a song based on the text of the Writings of Shalom Catholic Community called “Spousal Love” writen in 1984. The founder, Moysés Azevedo try to describe what goes on in his inner self at about the Spousal Love for our Lord Jesus Christ which is according to him the core of Shalom vocation.

“The sign of Spousal Love is to have a heart inflamed with love for Jesus Christ and to always desire more, for when a person loves in such a way, they always consider it too little and always long to love more and more and more…” (Moysés Azevedo – Writings of Shalom Catholic Community)

To love you more (Amar-te mais)

Shalom Catholic Community

Composer: Nicodemos Costa

Singer: Jéssica Frota


To love You more than myself

To love You more than everything I see 

To love You more than my dearest ones

To love You and give my live for You!

With all my strengths, with all my soul

With everything I am/ Thus I will live

just to love You more!/ To love You, to love You,

To love You and give my life for You!


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