Warning signs of anger in us


According to the two previous teachings we have learned about addictions, we would like to present some atitudes that can serve as anger warning signs:

1- Irritability: a sign of irritability it is the facility to get irritated at certain occasions. Although it denotes kind of human immaturity, it might be a sign of the space we give to anger within us, which may or may not end up with external actions.

2- Cursing: the mouth speaks of what the heart is full of, so if we easily let out some kind of aggressive words, offensive words, bad language or swearing, then we are probably somehow feeding us with anger and it is struggling to get out.

3- Impatience to yourself: The anger is a human feeling that happens because of our imperfection, which leads us to make mistakes that we regret. Many people who feel angry at themselves, want to change quickly instead of waiting for God’s action and time. They are impatient at themselves and they want to see results at the same instant. These are the ones who set big goals that are impossible to accomplish without patience during the process. Impatience confuses God’s work and, in itself, it is an imperfection.

4- Constantly remembering bad actions: sometimes, we can find ourselves remembering the disagreement that occurred with someone, the bad that the other committed against us or even keeping in mind the sin of the other that we saw and that displeased us. We certainly cannot control our thoughts. However, if you voluntarily keep swirling aroud these negative memories, it will hold the anger inside us.

5- Desire to harm others: when we feel hate for someone, a desire arises in us to harm that person. Although we would never do bad because of this feeling, it is possible to identify when we feel such sensation. We often wonder what we would do or say in certain situations if that person for whom we are cultivating hate would do something with us. We make inquiries about how we would respond to such a person and what would be our limit for physical aggression. All of this it is a cultivation of hate in our soul.

To think about

Do you notice any of these “symptoms” about yourself in relation to someone or yourself? Make an examination of your conscience and with a humble heart, ask the Lord for forgiveness.



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