Why Shalom Catholic missionaries dedicate one hour daily to pray and to meditate on the Word of God?

“The Word of God is the source of all revelation (Jn 17: 17b). To know it, according to St. Jerome, is to know Christ Himself and ignoring it is ignoring Him.” Statutes of the Shalom Catholic Community


Let us dedicate ourselves to cultivating our encounter with Christ in His Word with simplicity and reverence. He will train our ears to always recognize His voice. He will possess us in such a way that it will become almost impossible not to communicate Him to others, and we will increasingly become servants of the Word by living and proclaiming the Gospel.”( Moysés Azevedo – Letter to the Community 2005)


The words of the founder of the Shalom Catholic Community shows the great importance of the Word of God in the living of the Shalom charisma. According to him, “The prayerful reading of God’s Word is vital to a life of prayer in spirit and in truth. If we neglect our relationship with the Word, we risk a relationship with God that is not founded on the truth of Christ and therefore totally alien to the spirit of the vocation. Besides, a frail relationship with the Word may undermine our whole path to transfiguration in Christ, essential to the path of holiness to which we are called.”


Moreover, “ruminating about the Word of God causes the Word to penetrate the depths of our being as a sword, judging the intentions and thoughts of our heart (Hb 4:12). It immerses us in truth and charity. Truth to whose eyes nothing escapes, but everything is exposed; charity that, given the revealed truth, does not produce condemnation, but becomes medicine for the soul; charity that consoles with the sweetness of the revelation of God’s love, full of tenderness and mercy.”


Therefore, this is why every missionary of the Community should dedicate one hour daily to pray and to meditate on the Word of God.



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