Witnessing the Holy Spirit making history at the First Shalom Acamps in North America

A weekend filled with joy, peace and friendship in God’s freedom

jovens no Acamp’s North America

The Shalom Catholic Community in Boston, New York and Toronto organized the first ACamps in North America. From July 28 to 31, 165 campers from as far away as Texas gathered at a beautiful campground in upstate New York to experience God’s love. Weaving a day with praise and worship, Eucahristic Adoration, good food, hiking, boating, new friendships, dance parties, sport competitions, formation talks, Holy Mass people experience the timeless message of the Catholic Faith in an atmosphere of holy leisure.

The main goal is to provide a personal experience with God combining a spiritual and physical renewal. Speaking about God’s Love, the work of Salvation and the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life the participants are led to experience God’s love and have a new relationship with Christ. 

The highest moment of the weekend is the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit when we pray to have the same experience of Pentecost in order to become active christians in the world.

As Pope JP II called for a new evangelization ” — new in ardor, methods and expression” EA6, the Shalom Catholic Community aims to contribute to this call through the beauty and newness of such experiences as Acamps.

Since the first Acamps in Brazil in 1989, the inspiration of a camping retreat has given hundreds of thousands of young adults the peace and joy of God’s love.

Experiencing Acamps for the first time

Acamps North America testimonials

“Acamps is the right place to be. It is what life is supposed to be, where we are supposed to be: a loving community that knows how to have fun and how to pray and how to be serious when the time comes. This is the tight place where we learn all of this surrounded by good, awesome people, playing the most fun games, nice activity while living the love of God and searching together to get to heaven which is the most amazing activity that we can participate in whenever we have a chance”. Elmer Maldonado, Queens, NY 

I have loved my time at ACamps, for me I am always hesitant to come to something this because I knew nobody at all, but I can tell you that I have met so many people that are just open to make new friendships, new relationships because we all have the spirit in common. It is so comforting for me. It is a nice mix of fun times with friends just playing games, and also quite prayer time which for me I totally need both. I recommend if you are really searching for something peaceful, introspective, holy but also really fun, community oriented and connective, then definitely come to ACamps. Olivia Martiniello Lambert, Brooklyn NY

“It has been really awesome to my life. In the ACamps the prayers brought me a lot of joy. It brought out a calm side which was lacking in me, so this is something that definitely everyone should give a try even if it is just for fun. It would bring out the best in you and moves you towards a correct way so you can enjoy yourself, smile. Everyone here is so warm and the hospitality is really awesome”. Sangeet, NY 

“I  had a really amazing experience at ACamps. I love Learning about  the community and what they do, who they are, their charisms, and also participating in the games. It  has been a blast and can’t wait to come back next year”. Theresa Hunt, Yonkers NY


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