Yes, Halleluya Festival at WYD Krakow 2016!!


WYD 2016 will welcome the biggest Brazilian festival of integrated arts. The event will be integrated in the Youth Festival to be held in Krakow (Poland) from 27-29 July.


If you are not familiar with Halleluya Festival it is Brazilian’s biggest Catholic festival of integrated arts and certainly the only one of the kind in the whole Latin America. It is known as “the party that never ends” due to what it aims to bring into its visitors: an experience of God’s love and we all know that His love never ends!

The Festival was first hosted in the city of Fortaleza, Northeast of Brazil. It started as an inspiration from the youth ministry of Shalom Catholic Community. They wanted to offer a different entertainment for the youth of their city and an open the door for their evangelization. As the event grew, it gathered hundreds of thousand people throught out its days. In Fortaleza, where it all started, the event reached one million people. Later, other cities where Shalom Community is present also launched the event that soon crossed the Brazilian borders and reached other countries such as: Uruguay, Italy, France, Israel an United Kingdom.


Many performances takes place at Halleluya Festival that varies from dance, music, Dj, and so. They are Christian bands, singers and artists from different parts of the world ready to minister the Mercy of God to all visitors.

Entertainment and spirituality combined with beauty, arts and creativity. The organizers wish to offer an attractive and holy environment for the young people who will be passying by during WYD activities.

Near the stage there will be an area called Cultural Arena, where people can come, chat and exchange their Christian experiences and lives with others. A place for friendship and other special attractions.

The heart of Halleluya


The most important place in Halleluya Festival is not the main stage and arena. It is what happens at the Mercy Area. This is a special area, usually near the main stage, where a chapel is set up with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in a pious and honourable way. There, visitors can come and pray. Confessions are also available for those who want to experience the Lord’s Divine mercy. Spiritual Counselling and prayer are usually offered for those who wish too.

Every day, at a certain point of Halleluya Festival, the Lord comes to the main stage through the Blessed Sacrament. This is when people are invited to adore and open their hearts to His abundant graces. Words cannot describe how deep and powerful this moment is. Peace reigns and Mercy is poured.

Confessions available during the whole event

Halleluya Krakow 2016

The event will take place in Krakow as part of the many attractions held at WYD Youth Festival. This is the second time that Shalom Community hosts Halleluya in a WYD, being WYD 2013 in Rio the first one. It will occour on the following days: 27 to 29th July, 2016 in Szczepanski Square (or Plac Szczepański) which is located only a few minutes away from Krakow’s Market Place in the city centre. The organizers are expecting nearly ten thousand participants and about 15 artistical performances such as music, dance and others.

Some Brazilian artists have already confirmed their presence such as Davidson Silva, Alto Louvor and Missionary Shalom. Soon more attractions will be confirmed. Performances will be held in Polish, Italian, French and English. Entrance is free.

Shalom Catholic Community

papa francisco moises emmir 1
Moyses Azevedo and Emmir Nogueira, founders of Shalom Community, with Pope Francis

Shalom Catholic Community was founded in 1982 by Moyses Azevedo and Emmir Nogueira (Co-founder) under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II to whom Moyses personally offered his life to evangelize the youth. It is recognized as an International Association of the Faithful and is part of the new communities and ecclesial movements according to the Pontifical Council for the Laity. 

The Community is formed by priests, married couples, singles, young people and adults who dedicate their lives to the evangelization of all people through new and creative means. They are also ready to go on mission to the many Shalom missionary houses spread in the world. Shalom Community is present in countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Uruguay, Chile, Israel, Madagascar and many others.

HALLELUYA Krakow Program

Wednesday: 27th July (14hs-23hs)

Thursday: 28th July (14hs-16hs; 20hs-23hs)

Friday: 29th July (14hs-16hs; 21hs-23hs)

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