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Young man with down syndrome questions President of Germany

The German presidential elections are approaching and the candidates are in campaign climate. In this climate, current President Angela Merkel, seeking her re-election, gave an interview on a TV show and was asked a question that left her without reaction. The question was: “Mrs. Merkel, you’re a politician, you make the laws. Nine out of […]

Why Herod was afraid of a little child?

Who was King Herod and why did he decide to kill all the children in his kingdom who were less than two years old? Why did a powerful king fear poor and unknown baby? Why does fear often generate violent and disproportionate reactions?
And why does the Catholic Church celebrate this tragedy as a feast at […]

Roots of the Culture of Death

  In Chapter 11 of Evangelium Vitae, Saint John Paul II refers to abortion and euthanasia as attacks made against human life at the time of its greatest frailty. He calls our attention to the fact that these attacks are no longer regarded as “crimes,” but as “rights”. They are carried out by health-care personnel […]

TRUCK DYNASTY: The First Deacon in the World of Monster Trucks

Crowds of people fill the stands, many sporting sunglasses and baseball caps and t-shirts with patriotic slogans. The sun beats down, the beer flows, and the cheers go up when the next “extreme diesel” pickup truck, souped-up so much that you’d probably need a ladder to get into the cab, enters the dirt field. If […]