A people sent to proclaim the Gospel in Cuban lands

In this time of pandemic, the missionaries who will go to the foundation of Santiago de Cuba live a long wait until they arrive to the island of Cuba.


At the end of 2019, the Shalom Catholic Community announced the sending of missionaries to a new foundation in Cuba and, in this time of preparation, the missionaries live a deep time of intercession. With the announcement of the “Year of Saint Joseph”, the brothers who will be sent to Cuban land had the inspiration to pray the Novena of Saint Joseph uninterruptedly, thus consecrating the mission to the saint, whom we will celebrate throughout the year, and also asking for his intercession for the preparation period.

In order to live well this deep time of expectation, the missionaries, despite being spread in different missions in Brazil, meet “online” twice a month to pray, share and listen to the brothers who live or have lived in a foundation. These moments help nurture fraternal life and strengthen the spirit of “being a family” despite not being together in the mission of destination. In addition to these encounters, the missionaries are studying the Spanish language and also important aspects of the city.

“We have experienced the intercession of the Virgin Mary in a very strong way. From our first community prayer, God showed us the Virgin Mary as this faithful and humble servant of the Lord. Through her the Lord will touch every heart; It is through the Virgin of Charity that God will reign in our hearts and in the heart of this people”, testifies Nayanne Lins, missionary responsible for the Shalom Community in Santiago de Cuba.

United to Jesus, to the Virgin Mary and to the Glorious Saint Joseph, we live this time trusting that God is opening a new path in the desert!


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