Alive in Christ: Shalom International Online Prayer Group celebrates one year anniversary

May the Lord be praised for the abundant graces and fruits that He had given us throughout this year!


Every meeting is a new experience, a new chance to restart, a way of conversion that goes deeper and deeper, seeds of sanctity that have been poured in the field of our hearts and that grows rooted in the infinite love of the Father. This group is online, but it’s more real than virtual, because the fruits of conversion in our life testifies so.

The Holy Spirit is the great protagonist of all the great works in our lives, and through Shalom charisma he gives us a new life! In Christ we are alive! The risen one had broken the barriers and has built a bridge between us, connecting us to the will of God in a new way. As He promised through the passage of Isaiah:

“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43, 19)

He has indeed been opening a new way in the wilderness of our lives, bringing us a new hope, making us new creatures transformed by His love. Our laptops and smartphones became means that lead us into connecting with God and with one another in a new way.

Every Sunday we celebrate the joy of gathering, of praying and sharing all together, we are not so different as we thought, we can be more brothers and sisters than we have imagined, we are indeed a family, one body in Christ, so we are never alone.

The challenges of different time zones is a fact, but it does not impede us to seek God with all our hearts. It is beautiful to see Carmela from Vancouver waking up before 5 am to join the group and seeing Jean from Australia sleeping at 1 am, struggling to stay until the end and doing his best to do so. We have definitely found something bigger, met someone who gives us strength, we were encountered by life and love themselves. We have never met in person, but we love each other with the fraternal love that the Holy Spirit had poured in our hearts. 

This year we greatly rejoice with Sham (Malaysia) and Kerishé (Jamaica) two members of Alive in Christ prayer group that have started their vocational way of discernment by distance, their thirst for God and desire to offer their lives motivates us all.

These are some of the fruits of this 1st year together, may the Lord continue His great work in our lives!

How does the online prayer group happen?

The group happens with a moment of charismatic prayer in the begining, then we have a preaching based on the first announcement of God’s love and salvation, then everyone is motivated to share, the meeting lasts two hours. Besides the group everyone is called to live a daily prayer based on the Lectio Divina method and every member that wants has a missionary of the community who accompanies him or her as a mentor to guide them personally in their spiritual journey of relationship with God and human life.


If you want to know more and join the online prayer group you can get in contact with one of us by the email: .

God bless you, we hope to see you soon!


Shalom International Online Prayer Group: spreading the Charisma Shalom around the world


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