Cardinal Kevin Farrell visits the Uirapuru Spiritual Condominium and comments on the action of the Holy Spirit in the place

The prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life had the opportunity to get to know the space that gathers different communities, movements and institutes of the Catholic Church in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará.


Cardinal Kevin Farrell visited the Uirapuru Spiritual Condominium (Condomínio Espiritual Uirapuru (CEU)), a place where different religious and social institutions congregate, and with their own charisms and different missions in the Church develop activities to rescue and valorize human dignity, particularly among the most needy, helping them to grow in different aspects of their life to develop a concrete and healthy life project for them and their families. 

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Moysés Azevedo, founder of the Shalom Catholic Community, shared about the inspiration of “CEU” to the cardinal. According to Moysés, Friar Hans Stapel, founder of the institution “Fazenda da Esperança”, was the one who started the initial steps for the construction of the place. 

“It is a great grace what we live here, a Church that lives the communion with different charisms, the CEU is a spiritual lung for the city of Fortaleza,” said Moysés.

Cardinal Farrell speaks about the Condominio Espiritual Uirapuru (CEU)

After meeting the different charisms of the Church that live in the Spiritual condominium, the Cardinal shared about his experience there. He  commented  that he was very happy by the fact of getting to know this special place, because it reminded him of the Pentecost experience. The author of the what happens at the CEU is the Holy Spirit himself, the same the apostles received more than two thousand years ago, the prelate said. I believe that this is a new Pentecost,” he further emphasized.

“I believe that in the Church throughout the world there are few places like this, where many movements, institutions and communities all live and work together […] and this is what the Church should be, this is the Church that the Lord invites us to found,” he commented.

Cardinal Farrell further stated:

“As soon as I meet Pope Francis after returning from my trip, I will definitely tell him about this place.”

Finally, Cardinal Farrell thanked the religious brothers and sisters for their work in the space and asked them to never lose hope. He also commented that the needs of others make the expressions of the Church in the CEU to overcome the difficulties that arise along the way, seeking, in the midst of each one of them, to accomplish only one task: to love.


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