Catholic Community Shalom celebrates 4 years since the foundation of the Cape Verde mission

A cheerful and generous group willing to serve. Find out more about one of the newest missions of the Shalom Catholic Community on the African continent.


As the song sung by Elida Almeida, famous Cape Verdean singer: “Nomi di Nha Santu is Nhor Des, nomi di nha Kretxeu and Kabu Verdi” (Creole translation: Name of My Saint is Lord, the name of my good will is Cape Green), would have no other words to start with than praise Him who is the author of all this work and who makes us have a deep love for Cape Verde and its faces that show so much the beauty of God.

He gave us Cape Verde, this land of Morabeza (translation: ‘attentive (a)’, welcoming, nickname given to the country). To be here is to meet every day an elected people, thirsty. It is trusting God and in new ways of evangelizing, it is also being evangelized at all times, by faces that in their essence bring us God Himself.

How many events, nights of praise, gatherings that build the mark of this family on us, showing us the potential of a Charism that is from God, but that is for everyone! How many families reached, the poor, the university students, the young people … the young people! A trademark of our mission, which is permeated by the smiles of those at a young age who had a revolution in their lives and cannot keep it to themselves! This is our primacy! They have a fundamental role in this time already lived here.

Four years of missionary adventures! Of the few in number, but who give everything, who offer themselves even without knowing how, they let themselves be pruned and throw themselves into the merciful love of God who accomplishes everything .

Blessed be the will of God who brought us to this land, who gave us this people! Cape Verde is deeply loved by Him. The Shalom Charisma is deeply loved by God for being Cape Verde. And out of all the graces, we have only one request: “Lord, continue to carry out Your will in this land that is Yours.”

Obrigadu Nhor Des pa es tempu li, obrigadu pmd bh danu but ki nu mesti!
(Thank you Lord for this time here, thank you because the Lord has given us more than we need!)

Happy Birthday Shalom Cape Verde, happy four years of Mission!


“A happy discovery! Discovering a people, their beauty, their pains, I discovered Morabeza, I discovered many children .. Discovery of the strength and presence of the Charism that arrives long before structures or people, because it was born in the Trinity, it is in the hearts of those who the Lord chose. Discovery of God, who loves us and attracts us always and in a new way. God who is tenderness, God who is patient, God who is Shalom! I am very grateful to God for these 4 years. The Lord with His Infinite Goodness, choose us and send us! It sends us to go further, to bring His Peace, His Shalom to everyone who does not know him yet, to all the islands, to all young people, to every man and woman ‘di nos tera’! ”

(Jenifer Marianne, Brazilian, Local Responsible)


“For me, our mission is like a bandage that, from the first moment, helped to stabilize the wound, stop the blood, giving me new hope of living when introducing Jesus again. And during those years showing me, with the tools that the Church provides us, that it is possible to be a saint without ceasing to be young. ”

(Flávia Burgo, Cape Verdean, Postulant of the Community of Life)


“In these four years, I have only known the mission in the last year and a half. And it represents God’s rescue for me. ”

(Alex Mascarenhas, Cape Verdean, Shalom)


Translation: Beatriz Duarte


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