The vocation to Shalom Community might be lived in two complementary dimensions: The Life Community and the Covenant Community.

In Life Community, our realization is no longer in what the world has to offer us, but it will be exactly in the renouncement of all this, for a total dedication to God and to the service in his vineyard” (Statutes of Shalom Community).

The Life Community is the core of Shalom Community. Its life style plays the model of the first Christian Communities, where everything is put in common and all the goods, projects and personal plans are renounced.

Its members are missionaries of both genders and forms of life. They are called to follow Jesus Christ for their love to God through a particular way of praying, fraternal life and service in the Work. They live in Communitarian houses and are sent in mission according to call of the Church and the discernment of the Community.

When they confirm that they belong to the community in the first year of discipleship they receive as a signal of their election by God, a cross in the shape of a Tau, the last letter from the hebrew alphabet.

The color of the cord that sustains the Life Communitys signal has a beige or brown color, depending on their formative itinerary.