Church of the Risen: The stage for installing the ceilings has begun

The new stage is one of the most important at the structural level.


A sacred space built by the sweat of human sacrifice. The protective ceiling of the Church is a sign of care for the faithful who will attend the place.

The Church of the Risen that passed through the Cross began the stage of installing the acoustic ceiling, which should cover approximately 1900 to 1920 m². The installation should be completed by the first half of March 2021.

For Leandro Formolo, General Treasurer of the Shalom Community, in the previous phases of the construction, the changes were not as noticeable as now: “we had many stages in which we worked hard, but we didn’t see it, because they were structural things and now we are in a phase that everything we do is sensitive to the eyes, is noticeable ”.

The Treasurer affirms that the Church of the Risen is moving towards the last times of construction. He explains that the monument’s works are divided into three moments: the construction, the setting and the outside. After installing the ceiling, the doors that make up 169 m² will be installed.

Next steps

In the acclimatization phase, all the lighting of the place will be introduced, in addition to the painting of the sacristy and other spaces. The exterior project has not yet been completed. Leandro motivates the brothers to continue contributing to the building of the first Church built by the Catholic Community Shalom: “let’s go ahead, because we are very close to finishing the part of the construction of the Church and starting the setting”.

A Church is built with its people

You are a living stone of that work! Make your donation and participate in the building of this temple that will serve future generations of the Shalom Charisma.

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