The Covenant Community is called to follow Jesus Christ in the familiar experiences and professional activities, taking on the commitment to live said experiences in accordance with the Shalom vocation.

Its members should be “the light of the world and salt of the earth” in secular environments. They come together twice a week for a Community Cell where they pray, grow in the fraternal life and receive talks and formations related to the Word of God, the teaching of the Church and the Shalom Charisma.

They accept God’s appeal to live a life of poverty, sharing their artistic talents and gifts through the apostolate and Communion of Goods.

As the missionary spirit is founded by the Shalom Charisma, members of the Covenant Community can also be sent on a mission where the church and humanity manifest the need for their testimony.

In the first year of discipleship, they receive a cross in the form of a Tau as a sign of God’s calling. The cord which holds the Tau of the members of the Covenant Community is grey or white, depending on the which level they are at in their itinerary of the formation.