International Shalom foundations welcome first postulants

Mozambique and New York were some of the missions that welcomed the first postulants.


The vocational discernment year has come to an end. Last week, many missions of the Shalom Catholic Community began to receive an answer about the entry of new postulants. The good news were also welcomed by some international foundations of the community, which are beginning to reap the first fruits of evangelization in a new culture.

Mozambique is one of the missions. Founded nearly five years ago, this is the first entry of postulants into the African country. Of the 15 persons who made the vocational discernment year, six joined: four in the covenant community and two in the life community.

“The feeling is of great gratitude to God who, regardless of our weaknesses, forms a new people to manifest his glory among all nations, as the psalm says: no people have received so much affection, no other has revealed his precepts! A mission that has a lot to contribute to the Community, the Church and all humanity. God is faithful and does not forsake any of those who seek Him with a sincere heart”, says the Vocational Secretary of the Mozambique Mission, Michele Lobato.

New York also welcomes first postulants

Founded just over a year ago, the New York mission also welcomed the first postulants to the Shalom Covenant Community: Carolyn, Daphne, Stephanie, and Tricia. “They are spiritual daughters and sisters so dear and special to my heart! I am immensely grateful for your offer of life and your “yes” to God and His Will! Now, let’s move forward together, to heaven,” Father Cristiano Pinheiro, the Local Responsible for the mission, wrote on his Instagram account.


Shalom Vocational Path

The shalom vocational path path is the way for those who wish to discover their vocation and deepen their experience with the Risen Christ who passed through the Cross. The vocational path has a minimum duration of one year. Through monthly meetings in our mission houses, each vocation is accompanied monthly by a member of the Community who will help him, in the light of God’s Will, to discern his vocation.

Get in touch with us and find out how to join the Shalom vocational discernment path via e-mail:



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