Meet the Shalom Work in Barranquilla in Colombia

Within the mission, there are three prayer groups: St Martín de Porres, Our Lady of Fatima and  an open Prayer Group for beginners.


The Diffusion  of the Shalom Work in Barranquilla in Colombia, started in November of 2016, when a young man, Luis Mercado came across details about the Shalom Catholic Community online. He contacted Father Cristiano Pinheiro, who at the time was the International Assistant for the Community. Soon after together with Aurinilton Leão Filho, the missionary responsible for the Diffusion of the Shalom Work, got in contact with the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of the city, to introduce the experience with the Vocation.

The first encounter occurred in 2017, when Luis along other young people came together to get to know more about the Shalom Charism. It was in that same year that the first Life in the Spirit Seminar took place on 29th and 30th July. Through that experiment,  Amy young people began taking part in prayer group and growing in the evangelisation of the Work.

Some time later, Diego Ardila became the first youth to meet the General Diaconia (Headquarter) of the Community. That trip brought a new time to the mission, as he was able to share all that he had witnesses and learned while in Brazil. Currently Diego is responsible for the Communication sector for the Work of the Diffusion .

In 2018, the young Claudia Carvajal also had the opportunity to meet the Shalom Catholic Community mission of Asunción in Paraguay. She was also given the opportunity to visit the General Diaconia in 2019. The youngster is currently undergoing the vocational path, trailing a journey of conversion and love for Jesus Christ, offering herself to the mission.

About the mission

Barranquilla, also known as “The Golden Gate”, is located in the north of Colombia. The people are very well tempered and essentially joyous. Within the mission there are three prayer groups: St Martín de Porres (Philotheia Phase), Our Lady of Fatima (Kerygma Phase) and an open Prayer Group for beginners.

During this pandemic time, the three prayer groups meet online via Zoom, usually the meeting takes place in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, every Friday from 7pm and on Saturdays from 4pm.

For more information please follow @Shalombarranquilla


Translation: Gabriela Gois


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