Diaconia is the seat of the General Government of the Shalom Catholic Community where the advisors, secretariats and sectors work, directly linked to the general moderator. It is called the heart of the Shalom Work, as it assists missions in various services related to missionary and community action, as well as the work with young people and human and vocational promotion.

Diaconia” derives from the Greek term “diakoneo,” which refers to the service done for love, without constraint and in perfect consonance with the teaching of Christ. The name was suggested by Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko in 2006 when visiting Shalom. At the time, the Community was making efforts to begin the construction of the headquarters of the General Government.

Located in the municipality of Aquiraz, 27 km from Fortaleza, the place accommodates a chapel, offices and communal residences. Architecture, ambiance and iconography were conceived to refer, through beauty and sobriety, the spousal love of Jesus Christ and the peace communicated by Him.



The General Government of the Shalom Catholic Community is exercised by the moderator, aided by the General Council, elected in assembly. According to the Statutes, the general moderator has the mission of “being an instrument of Divine Paternity and the spirit of family and unity within the Community“.

The current time is considered to be the founding period of the Community, given that the founder, Moyses Azevedo, is alive. Thus, until death or renunciation, he exercises general moderation.

The moderator and the General Council are assisted by the assistances in the conduct of the Community. They are: General Assistance, Apostolic Assistance, Missionary Assistance, International Assistance, General Formation and Treasury.

The advisory services are also administrative structures. The mission of invigorating the life of the Community in different dimensions and of executing the guidelines of the General Government is up to the following advisory services: Human Promotion, Community Advisory, Liturgical-Sacramental Advisory, Vocational Advisory.