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Iceland knows the secret to stopping teen substance abuse

In the past 20 years, teen alcohol and drug abuse plummeted among Icelandic youth… but why? In the past 20 years, Iceland’s rates of teen drinking, smoking, and drug use rates have drastically plummeted. Mosaic Science reports that in 1998, the percentage of 14- to 16-year-olds who reported being drunk in the previous month was 42 percent […]

Shalom missionary in London to have first consecration in Celibacy

For the first time the Shalom Community in London will held a consecration in Celibacy for the Kingdom of Heaven of one of its missionary members. It is a special time of graces for the Mission.  Inspired by the diversity and unity within the Holy trinity, the Shalom Catholic Coomunity, established in 1982, is formed by all three ways […]

Reflexion about Good Friday

In Good Friday’s afternoon the great drama of Christ’s death in the Calvary is presented. The raised cross upon the world keeps itself stood as a sign of salvation and hope. By the Passion of Jesus according to the Gospel of John and also by the heart of the Beloved disciple, of the Mother, and […]

The Mystery Of Femininity

The woman is more mysterious than her male companion. On the artistic level, this is strikingly expressed in one of the greatest of all paintings, the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci. One can look at this masterpiece for hours; the more one looks at it, the more one feels the mystery that this female presence radiates. It […]

Pope Francis: Marriage and the family are in crisis

(Vatican Radio) On Monday, Pope Francis addressed a Colloquium being held on the theme “The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Marriage.” The Holy Father began his address by dwelling on the word “complementarity”: “a precious word, with multiple meanings.” Although complementarity can refer “situations where one of two things adds to, completes, or fulfills […]

“Like a virgin”: can a song be redeemed?

After winning the Italian edition of “The Voice”, Sister Cristina Scuccia was already an internet sensation around the world. Now, she just released her first single called “Like a Virgin”. Yes, you got it right, it is a cover of one of Madonna’s most famous and iconic hits. The song was composed by Tom Kelly […]
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