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Faith is a Panamanian value

WYD Panama 2019 – Panamanian Beauty and Faith

The next WYD in Panama next January is coming soon and wish to give you an opportunity to know more about this great event through an young shalom life missionary who is already there working as a volunteer: Barbara Freitas. She is going to send us a monthly logbook to tell us what God is preparing for us in this amazing country.
Discipleship of Shalom Catholic Community

“Living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way”

Jhoanna Climacosa is a italian girl who has found the authentic love of God through the Shalom Charism. Moreover, she has decided to become a disciple and minister of this love in order to share her joy as a missionary of peace in the world. Last month she has started a new period of her vocational path, the Discipleship.

Shalom Catholic Community is the response of God for my life

“We are a family. This is why the Community has as member people of various states of life: celibates for the Kingdom, single men and women, couples, priests, seminarians, deacons, men and women, young and old, married and single people. (...) In the explosion of love of the Trinity that creates all, redeems all and sanctifies all, they find the impetus for their mission” (Statutes of the Shalom Catholic Community - Preamble)

Celebrating Christmas where Jesus was born

The morning of Christmas Eve in the Holy Land always has the same sound: that of the Scouts’ drums parading through the cities. This year again, Jerusalem and Bethlehem woke up among the music of dozens of groups, waiting for the beginning of the celebrations for one of the most important religious events. So as […]
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