Members of the Ordinary General Assembly evaluate the Community

Graces and challenges of the last six years were presented on the morning of Wednesday, August 28, 2019.


During the Ordinary General Assembly that began last August 23rdin Fortaleza (CE) within more than 290 participants, were evaluated after three days of listening and prayer the growth of the community and its economic and apostolic challenges. The assessment was made from the general sectors of the government with the aim to evaluate the life and mission of the Community in view of the election of the new council and also the guidelines for the Shalom work to the next six years.

One of the highlights was the internationalization of the Charism and the contribution of the missions from outside of Brazil in various sectors. In the youth office, which works with the evangelization primacy of the Charism, the emphasis was on holding the Acamps Summer Festival for young Europeans and the formation of young leaders. In relation to working to the poor through the Human Promotion Office, it was highlighted the creation of the Volunteer Program in 2017 that has already carried out 12 missionary expeditions, with the participation of 230 volunteers professional.

116 missions around the world

Today the Shalom Catholic Community has 116 missions around the world and more than 25,000 people engaged in prayer groups, as well as more than 4,000 distributed in the 76 diffusions of the Shalom Work. It has 1,875 missionaries of Life Community and 8,896 Covenant Community members worldwide.

The growth of the internationalization of the Charism can be seen concretely in recent years, which for Founder Moysés Azevedo is a great grace. “More and more the community is taking a ‘universal’ face, as non-Brazilian vocations are giving this tone. The Community feels assured and challenged to continue to do its best in the humble service to the Church”, he says.

Each sector presented the challenges of their work. In addition to this, the Founder pointed out several challenges to be discussed and addressed in the coming days of the Assembly, including the consolidation of the internationalization of the Charism, the evangelization in digital media, the creation of a larger number of contemplative houses and the consolidation of the Parresia Institute. “We live a time of consolidation, a new time. May God give us humility and the help of His Spirit to be consolidated by Him in view of the life and mission of the Community. ”


Tribute to the General Council

Along with the evaluation, the Founder and General Moderator of the Community thanked the 15 members of the former General Council who served in the Community Government for the past six years.


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