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Faith is a Panamanian value

WYD Panama 2019 – Panamanian Beauty and Faith

The next WYD in Panama next January is coming soon and wish to give you an opportunity to know more about this great event through an young shalom life missionary who is already there working as a volunteer: Barbara Freitas. She is going to send us a monthly logbook to tell us what God is preparing for us in this amazing country.
Shalom Holy Land

Shalom Vocation in the Holy Land

On 16th April, in Nazareth, Shalom Catholic Community celebrated with great joy the acceptance of Linda Zaher into the Community Formation Path. She is an arabic from the hometown of Jesus. After two years of experience as a postulant, she was admitted as a disciple which means that she is now a member in formation […]

Covenant Community

The Covenant Community is called to follow Jesus Christ in the familiar experiences and professional activities, taking on the commitment to live said experiences in accordance with the Shalom vocation. Its members should be “the light of the world and salt of the earth” in secular environments. They come together twice a week for a […]

Life Community

The vocation to Shalom Community might be lived in two complementary dimensions: The Life Community and the Covenant Community. “In Life Community, our realization is no longer in what the world has to offer us, but it will be exactly in the renouncement of all this, for a total dedication to God and to the […]

“Chez Moi”: Make yourself at home in Paris

Shalom Catholic Community opens a snack bar in Paris. Maybe you've heard this story before, "A snack bar for evangelization". In this way Shalom Catholic Community was born in 1982 in Brazil. The first Shalom Catholic Evangelization Centre opened as a coffee house in order to announce God’s love to the people who come to have a meal, but could find also joy, help and comfort.

Mary and the Youth

Devotion to the Blessed Mother is important for the salvation and sanctification of everyone, but it is especially crucial for the youth to be accustomed to giving her their love, honor and service, and to learn how to imitate her virtues. Children, teenagers and young adults alike, should be taught the significance that Marian devotion […]
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