Shalom to the world

Youth and people from different countries and from the “Alive in Christ” groups enter the Community.


Around ten vocational discerners have entered the Community, both Life and Covenant Community. Among the new postulants are brothers from various nationalities, including from the youngest missions like Boston and Mozambique. Among those new members in training, we find people who got to know the Community online – they participated in some of the Alive in Christ prayer groups, in which they matured their knowledge of the Charism and started their discernment path. 


Amber Kelley is the first North-American to enter the Shalom Life Community. The 27-year-old young woman will spend her postulant year in Brazil. She emphasizes the importance of prayer in her discernment path: “The missionaries said that prayer life would be the most important part of this process, and they were right. Since I had to make efforts to talk to God and hear what He wanted for my life every day, I grew up in ways that I thought were impossible before. I began to be more in peace with myself and with others, more cheerful, more grateful. I began trusting more that God’s will is perfect and that it is my happiness”, says the young woman.


Founded almost five years ago, the mission is receiving its first postulants. Six of them entered the formative path of the Community: four in the Covenant Community and two in the Life Community.

“I am very grateful to God who, despite our weaknesses, forms a new people to manifest His Glory among all the nations, as the psalm says: “He has not done this for any other nation; of such laws they know nothing.” This is a mission that has a lot to contribute to the Community, to the Church and to all humanity. God is faithful and doesn’t abandon those who look for Him with a sincere heart”, says the Vocation Coordinator of the Mozambique mission, Michele Lobato.

Alive in Christ

Maximiliano met the Community during a trip to Brazil. Touched by the Charism, the young man looked to participate in the activities that the Community offered online. He committed right way to the online prayer group and, shortly after, he entered the vocational group. The calling to the Shalom Charism began to be stronger and stronger as the discernment process went on. Today, Max is one of the new postulants of the Life Community. 

Meliza met the Community in the mission of Corrientes, in Argentina. She was evangelized there and started her path within the Way of Peace, in a prayer group. However, she moved to another city and therefore was unable to continue the Way of Peace. That’s when the online prayer group turned out to be the best option. Meliza kept growing and strengthening her experience with the Charism, until she entered in the vocational group in 2019. At the end of that year, she started the process of diffusion of the Charism in Córdova, along with her sister Belem and Alexis, another youth from the city.

The  Shalom Vocacional Path


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