The Shalom Evangelization Center is the physical structure where the community develops a large part of its apostolic activities such as prayer groups, Eucharistic celebration, Life in the Spirit Seminars and courses.

It is a hub that radiates the charisma and its activities aim to lead people to a progressive experience with Jesus Christ with rooms for communal prayer, A chapel, A catholic bookstore and snack bar where people can meet and share. However, its playing field goes beyond the physical walls; the center’s aspiration is to become part of “the city’s soul”.

Considering the fact that the Community was born among the young people and committed to them, the center’s spaces and activities are often designed for them. The community developed a special affection and attention for them so the central goal is to provide an environment where they can feel welcomed and “at home” in order to have a new experience with Jesus.

Locations where there is no community evangelization center, can still live the Shalom charisma through prayer groups called Shalom Work Diffusion.