The “I Love Shalom” campaign celebrates 37 years of vocation

The campaign celebrates 37 years of vocation and seeks to motivate everyone in Shalom to contribute to the construction of the Church of the Risen in Aquiraz, Brazil.


In 2019, the Shalom Catholic Community turns 37 and there are many reasons to praise God for writing the story of this Vocation with love and generosity! To celebrate our anniversary, the “I Love Shalom” (Eu Amo Shalom) campaign was launched in Community missions with the goal of renewing gratitude and joy for this Charism. The initiative seeks to motivate all those who have been joined by the Shalom Charism to contribute to the construction of the Church of the Risen that passed through the Cross, the first Church built by the Community.

During the campaign, members of the Work and the Community are encouraged to witness their gratitude for the Vocation, giving resources for the construction of the Church, and to find new donors who wish to be part of this inspiration of God. “I Love Shalom” will take place on July 9th in the Mass for the anniversary of the Charism. In the Offertory, the assembly will place before the altar of the Lord the material gift that will be given to the Church of the Risen One, a concrete symbol that will be an expression of the Shalom Charism to the whole world.

It will be a place with open doors, an open heart to receive so many people who will come here and who will experience the mercy of God, the resurrection power of Christ, the Risen One who has passed through the cross and who brings the gift of Peace. From here, missionaries will be sent all over the world.” (Moysés Azevedo – founder of the Community)


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Why are we grateful?

Fernando Batista (Mossoró-RN)

“I am grateful to God for the 37 years of the Shalom Community because it was through this vocation that I found my place in the Church, that I had a profound experience with the love of God and know that His love is infinite and constant in my life.”

Cristiane and Rafael Cirilo (Natal-RN)

Cristiane: “I am grateful to Shalom’s 37 years of Charism because it was a new way for me to experience God and be more intimate with Him, transforming the lives of me and my family.”

Rafael: “I am the husband of Cristiane and the father of Pedro and Maria Ester. Being part of the history of Shalom’s 37 years has meant having a very strong experience with God, a renewal of life and it has been a grace to put my children on this journey of conversion. Since the start of this intimacy with God, our ways of thinking and behavior in our daily lives have changed dramatically for the better!”

Lucas Júnior (Araraquara-SP)

“I am grateful for Shalom’s 37 years: In this Community I truly found my life, my path towards God and holiness. In living this journey of contemplation, unity and evangelization, I discover every day the true joy of belonging to God and that it is possible to be saintly Another great gift I received from the Shalom Community was my girlfriend. Together, within the Community, we can walk a path towards a Christian and missionary family”.

Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa


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