The Shalom Community will open a mission in the city of Perpignan, France

The missionaries will carry out evangelization work in a votive sanctuary to St. Joseph.


The year of St. Joseph was proclaimed by Pope Francis at the end of 2020. Since December 8, the Church has been living this time of grace, seeking to know and deepen the teachings of Jesus’ Adoptive Father. As part of this special moment, the Shalom Catholic Community is preparing to inaugurate a new mission in France, this time in the city of Perpignan. In this new land, the missionaries of the Community of Life will carry out works of evangelization in a votive shrine to Saint Joseph.

Tiago Soares, international assistant, talked about the news. According to the missionary, the discernment process for the foundation of the mission in Perpignan began well before the Holy Father announced the Year of Saint Joseph. However, this initiative of the Pontiff was a great sign of God’s providence confirming the sending of the Community to that French region. According to Kleber Marinho, missionary assistant, the invitation was made by the bishop of the local diocese because of the work that Shalom Vocation does with young people.

Speaking of young people, Alane Raquel, from Sousa, Paraíba, is one of the young missionaries who is getting ready to leave for this new land. Consecrated to the Life Community and celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven, Alane shares that, since the beginning of her journey, God has already promised a distant people. In her heart, there is only one desire: to bring the joy and the Shalom of the Father to the French people. To do this, she has already begun to study the language and culture. Amanda Pinheiro, Amanda Martins, and Fabiano dos Anjos will also be part of this new mission.

“For me, being sent to Perpignan was a joyful surprise from God, it was realizing that He and His church trust in the community, in me, and in each brother who was sent for the evangelization of this people. God has really exceeded all my expectations and has inserted me in a time of great trust and abandonment in Him! I am very happy for this foundation and I go in the certainty of God’s great love for us, missionaries, and for this people!” (Amanda Martins, missionary of the Shalom Catholic Community).

Shalom in Perpignan

Perpignan is a city in the region of France that borders Spain. There, the missionaries will take care of the Sanctuary of Saint Joseph and will also carry out evangelization work in schools and youth groups. Due to the pandemic, there is still no date set for the missionaries to actually start their activities. But everyone is already looking forward to this new time.


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