The Shalom Congress was attended by people from over 50 countries

The event was delivered 100% online and had the participation of people from different parts of the world, reaching a record audience.


The virtual world was a place where more than 8 thousand people from 50 countries met together, on September 5th and 6th, at the Shalom Online Congress. The event was held by the Shalom Catholic Community on a digital platform created exclusively for the broadcast. The presentation, the interaction with the participants, the sermons and the workshops had simultaneous translations into Spanish and English. Masses, moments of worship and Lauds (morning prayers), while also providing songs and prayers in these languages.

The fruits and graces of this internationalization can be seen not only in the numbers, but in the testimonies shared by people from all parts of the world. We spoke with two people, one from Asian and from Central America, who shared their gratitude to God for the event and the content of the formations.

Concrete faces

John Carlo Perez, from the Philippines, attended the event in the country’s capital, Manila, despite the difference in time zone. “We are called to be saints to change the world and to follow the Father’s will, together with our brothers, in all aspects of our lives”. In a spirit of gratitude to God and the Shalom Community of which he has been a friend of for nearly a year, he concluded by saying: “This congress challenged me to do and give more for Jesus Christ. Thank you, Shalom Community, for giving us this opportunity while in the comfort of our homes ”.

The vocational path member of the Shalom Catholic Community in Panama City, Liz Alvarez, says that, despite the distance, she was able to experience God’s grace by being able to participate virtually. “It was a grace to be able to have more knowledge of our Church and, at the same time, renew our love for Christ to be more holy and more fruitful, just as it was explored through the theme of this Congress”, pointed out the participant.

In different parts of the world, were able to, with the help of workshops delve into topics of human maturity, presence on social media, healing and freedom, prayer life, and many other subjects. The main theme of the event however was The More Holy, The More Fruitful, which was discussed during the mornings of the Congress.

Matheus Araújo

Translation: Gabriela Gois


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