Shalom Online Congress content will also be offered in English and Spanish

The first online training event of the Shalom Catholic Community will be offered in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Scheduled for September 5 and 6, the Shalom Online Congress aims to bring together members of the Covenant Community, the Life Community, the Shalom Work and also other expressions of the Catholic Church. The event will be offered in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Among the preachers are two bishops and several missionaries from the Shalom Catholic Community.

The Shalom Congress is based on Gaudete et Exsultate, Pope Francis’ third Apostolic Exhortation.

For the organization, offering the event’s formations in English and Spanish is a way of serving those who are reached by the Charisma Shalom in different nations. The Shalom Catholic Community is present in about 30 countries and members have different nationalities. The formations with simultaneous translation or subtitles should help participants to dive into each topic that will be addressed at the event.

Check list of workshops

1 – Shepherding the Shalom Prayer Group, an exciting mission

     Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish

2 – Art and evangelization

     Available in Portuguese

3 – New proposals of evangelization in communication in the post pandemic

     Available in Portuguese and Spanish

4 – Friend of the Poor: A response in times of pandemic

      Available in Portuguese and Spanish

5 – Youth protagonist in society

     Available in Portuguese and Spanish

6 – Announcement and testimony of life

     Available in Portuguese 

7 – Holy parents beget holy children

     Available in Portuguese

8 – Existence challenges from the perspective of holiness

     Available in Portuguese

9 – Affective maturity, holiness and fruitfulness

     Available in Portuguese

10 – Struggle, vigilance and discernment

      Available in Portuguese

11 – Trust in the Father: The path to holiness

      Available in Portuguese and Spanish


Shalom Online Congress

Date: September 5th and 6th

Registration: Click here and make your registration

Theme: “The holier we are the more fruitful we’ll be.”


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