The Shalom mission in Krakow opens spaces for young people in the historic center of the city

Just like the Shalom prayer groups, missionaries in Krakow gradually touch the heart of the Polish people.


On Thursday 7th November, in the basement of House 12 on Wiślnia Street, seven missionaries led a prayer group for several young Polish people. They are part of the Shalom mission in Krakow that is experiencing a new time in the evangelization of the Polish people.

Missionaries occupy a new place to hold prayer group meetings. The address is in the cultural heart of the city, in the historic center, just a few meters from various tourist attractions.

The meeting on Thursday 7th November was the second to be held there and was the first after the Life in the Holy Spirit seminar held at the end of October. The Polish people were thrilled that the group moved from the home office of the Community of Life, in a residential neighborhood, to the new space in a central, touristic and culturally accessible neighborhood.

For the mission leader Michele Jordan, the new headquarters has everything that could attract young people. “Here we will organize the evening of praise on Tuesday, the prayer group on Thursday and finally some Saturday event,” he says. “We are in an accessible place with good facilities, close to the university, museums, churches, public transport for all areas of the city.”

Michele is also in the forefront of leading the group, using the “Shalom way” to coordinate a prayer group: brotherhood, praise, open prayer to the Spirit, preaching. The Polish people followed the guidelines in sharing the fruits of prayer two by two, as is customary at Shalom meetings in Brazil. But the Polish brand has distinguished itself. All communications between them were in the local language.

The famous success of the Missionário Shalom “How many hope in you” has become “Ci, którzy ufaja Tobie”. “Heaven opens up” was sung as “Niebo się otwiera”.

Finally, a notice: on Saturday 23rd November there will be a Neon Party at the new address.

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Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa


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