“Alive in Christ”: All of the members of the Shalom Online Prayer Group has become very dear to me.

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


As living in 21st century, we are endowed with fastest mode of means of communication and we have ample benefits of social media and other advanced apps where we can instantly remain connected with people far or near. My first encounter with Shalom Catholic Community was through a social media (Instagram), where I had been following the account profile of “Shalom Boston“, in Instagram, for a year, and I used to find myself being silently connected spiritually whenever I would see their updates or post, which were all so lively and Christ centered. But, I never knew which Catholic Group they belonged to and i used to wonder what a beautiful Catholic group it was. 

Living in a city, away from home, it is challenging but to always remain in the company of Jesus and striving daily to live a life of holiness is fulfilling. One night, I was about to go to sleep, lying on my bed, thought to just check my phone for the last time, opened my Instagram and saw “Shalom Boston” was live this time, I entered, and saw, there was this beautiful image of a Cross and they were praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. As I entered, someone just waved at me from the Shalom Boston, and somehow, as a human, I felt seen, and I felt welcomed. After the Divine Mercy Chaplet praying was over, I had a quick chat and the person directed me to the Online Prayer Group. 

My first experience with the Shalom Online Prayer Group was unforgettable. It was the Pentecost day, 2020. When Fr. Cristiano was leading the praise & worship, I was sitting alone in my room, I opened my heart and was praying to the Holy Spirit, I don’t know how, but my tears just started flowing, and it flowed uncontrollably, I too was singing along while Fr. Cristiano was singing, and I was convinced in that moment that the Holy Spirit was hovering over me and touched me deep within. 

Since then, despite my busy schedule, I long to meet and try not to missed the Shalom Online Prayer Group on Sundays. Well it has become a family, a family where we meet to pray, sing, interact, listen and pray for each other. All of the members of the Shalom Online Prayer Group has become very dear to me, I feel like as each days and months passed by we are growing a step closer to be close to Jesus and also not failing to pray for one another and also most importantly helping each other to grow in holiness. 

All of us are on a spiritual pilgrimage on this earth. And, I am so grateful that I have friends in God, whom I have found in Shalom Catholic Community, to share in this journey on earth, where we continue to journey together toward our eternal homeland, that is, Heaven. May we never fail to invite Our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, to journey along with us.


Sophia Yulung, 29

New Delhi India



If you want to know more and join the online prayer group you can get in contact with one of us by the email: aliveinchrist@comshalom.org

God bless you, we hope to see you soon!


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  1. Namaste Sophia, what a beautiful story! I’m from India, but I live in the US. Recently I found out about Shalom Boston, or rather, I should say they found me haha. Your story about how a someone waving at you gave you a sense of belonging and love speaks volumes about simple acts of Love. I share your sentiment as Shalom Boston has embraced me with that same Love.

    I am on a path of reconciliation with God and discovering my vocation and your story has inspired me and shown me how powerful the inspirations of the Holy Spirit can be. Thank you truly for sharing your experience. Shalom!

  2. Living in a city, away from home, it is challenging but to always remain in the company of Jesus and striving daily to live a life of holiness is fulfilling…. awesome piece of writing 👍