An Inspiring and Refreshing Community Retreat in Boston


Over the weekend of January 20-21, the missionaries of the Shalom Catholic Community in Boston gathered for a retreat to pray and go deeper into what the Church told us during the Shalom Convention in Rome last September.

During this annual retreat, 5 members from the Covenant Community, 2 members from the Life community, and 3 people in the discernment year took part and watched videos of talks from Emmir Nogueira (Shalom Catholic Community co-founder), Moyses Azevedo (founder and general moderator) and Emanuella Cardoso (Shalom Covenant missionary in London).

Danielle LaPointe, a member of the Covenant Community, who attended this retreat for the first time, shared her experience: “I came to the retreat very tired from an intense week at work. I felt like the last thing I wanted to do over the weekend was have all my free time planned and “taken” from me. But during the retreat we got to re-live our time in Rome for the 35-year convention. We heard from our founder and co-founder, listened to what Pope Francis said to the Community, and saw pictures from the convention, as a “family photo album”. We spent time in adoration for personal prayer and also to pray together as a Community, which was very fruitful for me.” She concluded saying: “Contrary to what I thought going in to the retreat, I am leaving it feeling very refreshed and inspired to renew the “offering” of my life as a missionary. I feel re-confirmed that this is the way I’ve been called by God to live and I want to live it fully and in every part of my life.”


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