Elected new General Council of the Shalom Catholic Community

The participants of the Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) elected, on Thursday, August 29, 2019, the members of the new General Council of the Shalom Catholic Community.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Shalom Catholic Community elected its new General Council on this Thursday, August 29, 2019. The election took place during the General Assembly of the Community. The new General Council framework is made up of dedicated members of  Life and Covenant Community who will assist the Founder and Moderator of the Community for the next six years.

From this date on, the General Council will have the following composition:

Lifelong Members:

           1. Founder and General Moderator: Moysés Louro de Azevedo

 2. Co-Founder: Maria Emmir Oquendo Nogueira

Elected Life Community Members:

3. Jeovana Freitas Alves

4. Fr. Cristiano Pinheiro Campelo Bede

5. Fr. Silvio André Correia Scopel

6. Victor Sá Cysne Frota

Elected Covenant Community Members:

7. Adalgisa Maria de Matos Sá

8. Antônia Dilce Rodrigues Feijão

9. Enne Karol Venancio de Sousa

10. Eric Buarque de Lima

Nominated Members:

11. General Assistant: João Edson Oliveira Queiroz

12. General Treasurer : Leandro Zanandrea Formolo

13. Apostolic Assistant: Gabriella Márcia Dias Rocha

14. Missionary Assistant: Kleber Cosme Marinho

15. General Formator: Angélica Cunha Teixeira

16. Priest Responsible for Priestly Formation: Fr. Francisco Denys Lima

The Ordinary General Assembly is held every six years. In it, the members of the General Council are elected for the successive six years.

The General Council shall consist of two lifelong members, nine elected members, and six appointed members. Lifelong members are Founder and Co-Founder. The elected members are the General Moderator, four members of Life Community, and four members of the Covenant Community. Appointed members will be the General Assistant, the General Treasurer, the Priest in charge of the Priestly Formation of the Community, the General Formator, the Apostolic Assistant and the Missionary Assistant. The General Moderator shall appoint them after submitting a list of names for approval by a majority of 2/3 of the lifelong and elected members of the Council during the General Assembly. After the appointment, the chosen members shall be presented to the members of the General Assembly, thus completing the entire Council. If the Community has already elected a member appointed during the General Assembly, it shall elect a replacement.” (Statutes, 167)


Extraordinary nomination

During the Assembly, the elected General Council appointed the new Youth Advisor. The life community missionary, Bertrand Wadih, will take over the Youth Office in October 2019. The decision was announced by the Founder and General Moderator Moysés Azevedo, who explained that the choice was made to consolidate the internationalization of the Community. Although the Youth Advisor is not part of the General Council, Moysés explained that the Statutes opens to the possibility for invited members to attend some meetings of the General Council.


We entrust the fruits of this day to the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace; to our patrons, St. Francis and St. Teresa of Avila and to St. John Paul II. We ask each one of you to join the saints in intercession for these brethren who will be at the service of the community body at the General Council and for this new time in our lives. 


João Edson Oliveira Queiroz

First Secretary of the General Assembly


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