Meet 10 titles dedicated to St. Joseph

Joseph is hailed as Just, Nurturing Father of Jesus, and Patron of the Good Death, did you know?

Escrivaninha do Santo Padre.

On March 19, the Church celebrates St. Joseph, its patron. Chosen to be the adoptive father of Jesus, the man classified by the Holy Scriptures as righteous is one of the most beloved and venerated saints by Catholics. Learn about ten titles dedicated to the patron saint throughout the history of the Church.

The Just

In Matthew 1:19 Joseph is described as the righteous, honorable man who received Mary the Mother of the Savior.

Last of the Patriarchs

This is because St. Joseph makes the connection between the Old and New Testaments, like John the Baptist, who is the last of the prophets.

Patriarch of the Holy Family

The feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth, whose patriarch is Saint Joseph, was created by Pope Leo XIII, in 1872, on the first Sunday after the Lord’s Christmas.

Most Chaste Spouse of Mary

This title is due to the fact that Mary, being fecundated by the Holy Spirit and having always kept her virginity, both lived as brothers.

Patron of the Church

Pius IX declared Saint Joseph as protector and defender of the Church.

Nurturing Father of Jesus

Because St. Joseph acted as Jesus’ father, he adopted Jesus of his own free will. He legalized Jesus before the Law of the patriarchs and provided all the material needs of the Son of God made man.

Dispenser of the born Jesus

As quoted by Origenes (+254), famous theologian and director of the School of Alexandria.

Worker, craftsman and carpenter

As the Holy Scriptures describe him in Mt. 13, 55 and Mk. 6, 3. It was Pope Pius XII who created the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker on May 1, 1955.

Faithful protector of Jesus and Mary

Pius IX wrote in 1870 that St. Joseph was the one “to whom God entrusted the guardianship of his most precious treasures.”

Patron of the good death

Because St. Joseph saved the Child Jesus from death plot by Herod and according to Tradition, died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.


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