Shalom Community holds Halleluya Festival in the Holy Land

The event was broadcasted worldwide and celebrated 20 years of the Community’s presence in Israel.


Last weekend, missionaries from the Shalom Catholic Community in Haifa (Israel) promoted the 5th edition of the Halleluya Festival in the Holy Land. The event was broadcasted worldwide via YouTube and Facebook, and had as guests the Missionário Shalom band, and also two other local ones – one formed by students from the Israel Institute of Technology (UCO Galilee), and another composed by members of the Haifa Focolare Movement. Another highlight of the event was Rabab Zaitun, a Catholic singer born in Nazareth.

Through the live broadcast, people attended the moments of community Praise & Worship with the Holy Sacrament. The 20th anniversary celebration of Shalom in the Holy Land was concluded on Sunday (October 25th, 2020) with a thanksgiving mass presided  by the Archbishop of the Catholic-Greek Church Melquita, who is responsible for the shepherding of the entire Galilee region.

A land that bears sacred fruits

Marcelo Davi, Local in charge of the mission, reports that God’s providence was leading the missionaries to the city of Haifa and during this journey they had to go through several cities to get there. “For us, it is a joy to celebrate the presence of the Shalom Charism, a word that is so common here in Israel: it is a greeting, a desire from their heart, so eager for peace” highlighted the missionary.

Missionaries of Life and Covenant Community (with already consecrated Arab members) and members of the Work are present in prayer groups who frequently meet for the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Mass.



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