Shalom Vocation in the Holy Land


On 16th April, in Nazareth, Shalom Catholic Community celebrated with great joy the acceptance of Linda Zaher into the Community Formation Path. She is an arabic from the hometown of Jesus. After two years of experience as a postulant, she was admitted as a disciple which means that she is now a member in formation within the Community. During the Eucharistic celebration, in the Chapel of the Sisters of Nazareth, Linda received as a visible sign a Tau-shaped cross, a symbol of her election and belonging to God and to the Community. The Discipleship is a stage marked by a deepening in the vocational and spiritual life.

Shalom Catholic Community has been established in Haifa since 2000 and has 6 members of Life Community and 7 members of Covenant Community, 2 Brazilians and 5 Arabs. This year Shalom Vocational meeting gathered 9 young people who felt a calling to this new Charisma, they will undergo a process of vocational accompaniment that lasts, at least a year, in order to discern God’s will for them.

The vocation to Shalom Community might be lived in two complementary dimensions: the Life Community and the Covenant Community. The Life Community is the core of Shalom Catholic Community. Its lifestyle plays the model of the first Christian Communities, where everything is put in common and all the goods, projects and personal plans are renounced. They live in “Community houses” and are sent in mission according to the call of the Church and the discernment of the Community. The Covenant Community is called to follow Jesus Christ in the familiar experiences and professional activities, taking on the commitment to live said experiences in accordance with the Shalom vocation.


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