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Identidade Visual Comunidade Católica Shalom

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News Moysés Azevedo speaks about the 40 years of the Community to the missions of Europe, Africa and Asia. Luana Santana - Aug 11, 2022 News Acamps Summer Festival 2022 in Europe brings together young people from more than 10 countries News Witnessing the Holy Spirit making history at the First Shalom Acamps in North […]

International meeting of the Shalom Work gathers people from more than 10 countries

Last Sunday, July 6th, several members of the Shalom Work gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Shalom Catholic Community. In the International Gathering were people from India, Malaysia, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Philippines, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, and Cameroon. Alive in Christ, are online prayer groups that make possible the diffusion […]

To read and live the word of God

Those who have the Bible as their compass, safe harbour and Light, will never get lost or drown in the sea of despair or walk in the darkness of sin, on the contrary: they are enlightened to live and contemplate the face of Eternal Light.
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