Lent, a fertile desert

The desert, in this sense, is the place to which God Himself draws His children, where He leads the people of Israel into the desert, to speak to their hearts.

To read and live the word of God

Those who have the Bible as their compass, safe harbour and Light, will never get lost or drown in the sea of despair or walk in the darkness of sin, on the contrary: they are enlightened to live and contemplate the face of Eternal Light.
O que é uma vida carismática?

What is a charismatic life?

More than belonging to a movement, being charismatic consists in exercising the charisms in their fullness, without the Spirit of division or boasting. They must be used to build up the Church of Christ, so that all peoples may know the Truth and turn entirely to the Lord.

The day of a New Creation!

Our beginning and our future are Light! Light inaugurated the work of creation, at the beginning of everything, and Light is also inaugurating the work of the New Creation.

Warning signs of anger in us

According to the two previous teachings we have learned about addictions, we would like to present some atitudes that can serve as anger warning signs: 1- Irritability: a sign of irritability it is the facility to get irritated at certain occasions. Although it denotes kind of human immaturity, it might be a sign of the […]