Offer life, with young people and for young people

Youth protagonism at the Budapest mission, Hungary.


Our mission was founded in 2009 with only four missionaries. Their first step was to learn the language mainly through the energetic participation of the young people who were attracted by the different way of living the Catholic faith, with lively dances and the missionaries’ joy. Since then, the mission has become known for its large presence of young people.

Currently, we have 8 missionaries from the Life Community and 11 missionaries from the Covenant Community.

Last year we opened our café which also serves as our evangelization center. Its name, which was suggested by the young people, is HungaRio, and reflects the initial and ongoing events carried out by the mission to attract the public to Brazilian culture.

Because of the linguistic challenges and cultural differences, we have had to rely on the guidance of Jesus and young Hungarians to help us discover and trace the path to their hearts. Therefore, we always take care that the youth are involved when we plan our evangelizing events, helping all of us to listen together to the voice of God.

Our night of praise is the primary time for those youth who are already participating in prayer groups to welcome new people, and to give in a group setting everything they have received from God, teaching and opening the way for others to pray. Little by little we are taking steps to make this happen for more young people.

Another evangelization activity is the Acamps Summer Festival that will take place in the summer. We are relying on the youth to work with us in teams to plan all aspects of this great event that will host youth not only from Hungary but from countries in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Most importantly, it is the mission’s youth that can attract other young Hungarians who have yet to experience the Shalom Charism while enjoying several summer days and nights of singing, dancing, sports and prayer and much more.

Something we have seen happen here several times is that if I, a missionary, call a young Hungarian or hand a pamphlet to someone on the street, this person will probably not give much importance to what I say or give him or her. But if a friend of mine who has experienced the warmth and goodness of the Community contacts someone who does not know us, that person will come to the mission. It is these young people who attract other young people. We see this in prayer groups and events when we ask them how they got to know the Community.

Another example of the actions of our youth occurred when we were opening our Café. We needed a lot of material but we had no money. But with the youth’s donations of time, material and efforts we were able to establish our Café. In reality, this Café is for the youth and exists only with them.

The young people come to our house, they pray with us during prayer mornings, in community prayer and they are with us when we watch a movie or have a snack. In brotherhood, we can also present God as a friend, and after that experience we see these young people become engaged in the mission, in the Work of God.


Translation: Jhoanna Climacosa


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