Shalom Community announces creation of Shalom TV

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Shalom TV appears to strengthen evangelization.


In 38 years of foundation and still experiencing one of the strongest crises that humanity is going through, in confronting the new coronavirus, the Shalom Catholic Community announces a historic novelty: the creation of Shalom TV.

Shalom TV emerges as one of the fruits of the evangelization of this pandemic period. “In view of the reach of Live SH, its apostolic and evangelizing strength in recent months, it was decided to create Shalom TV online”, said the statement issued by the institution’s Missionary Assistance. 

The novelty takes shape and will work in Brazil from three studios:

  • The Shalom Peace Evangelization Center, Fortaleza (Brazil);
  • The studio of the “Doing Noise Program” – the program is produced in Fortaleza, Brazil, by missionaries from the Shalom Catholic Community and was created in response to the call from Pope Francis at the World Youth Day Rio 2013, when he asked young people to “make some noise”;
  • The studio set up in General Diaconia, headquarters of the Community Government.


Translation: Beatriz Duarte


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