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The next Shalom Community foundation in Poland, in Warsaw

Representatives from Shalom International Assistance and the responsible of Shalom mission in Krakow, Michele Magalhães, are visiting Warsaw – capital of Poland- in order to attend some meetings preparing for the next Shalom Community foundation in the country. On March 2, Shalom members met with the city’s archbishop, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, in order to define […]

It is time for new foundations in Shalom Community

On this year 2016, the Catholic Community Shalom announced the opening of two more missionary homes in the African continent: one in the city of Praia, capital of Cape Verde and one in Maputo, the capital and the largest city of Mozambique. At least ten missionaries of the Shalom Community will be assigned to the evangelization work in these […]

33rd anniversary of the foundation of the Shalom Catholic Community

Last Thursday, July 9th, the Shalom Mission in Nazareth celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the foundation of the Shalom Catholic Community.  Holy Mass was celebrated, presided over by Father Bruno, the Guardian of the Basilica of the Annunciation. This was followed by a breakfast at which the members of the Shalom Community were present, as […]

Jesus Must be Foundation of Every Catholic School

Catholic schools must have Christ as their foundation, and Catholic teachers are the core of the educational and missionary action of the Church. Their recruitment and training are also a challenge for the future of the young generations and the Church more than ever. These were some of the conclusions to have come out of […]

God created me to live something special

Hello my name is Wendy V. Ramírez, I’m a Disciple here in the Boston Mission, soon to be going to help with the foundation of the NY Mission. I grew up in a loving Catholic family although we didn’t always go to church or would only go on to mass on Sundays, I always had […]

2 years of Miracles!

Miracle! This is the best word to explain about these two lasts years of the presence of the Shalom Catholic Community in the Philippines. Miracle because this is the will of God to this country and to this people. Miracle because through this Charisma of peace God showed, and continues showing us, what is His […]
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