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Address: 477A Rogers Rd (Old Weston), Toronto, Ontario Postal Code: M6M 0B3 Phone: (416) 901 5027 E-mail: Find us on Facebook: Shalom Toronto


Prayer Groups in: Portuguese -Thursday at 7:30 pm Portuguese – Saturday at 6:30pm (Couples) English – Saturday at 6:30pm (Teens) English and portuguese – Saturday at 6:30pm (Kids) English – Saturday at 4:30 pm (Youth) Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:  Thursday: 3 pm – 6 pm Counseling and Prayer : By appointment We also held: Courses […]


Diaconia is the headquarter of the Shalom Catholic Community’s General Government where the advisories, secretariats and sectors are linked directly to the general moderator work. It is called Shalom’s heart, because it assists the missions in many services linked to the missionary and communitarian action, the work with the youth, and to the human and […]


“What should we do, Lord, if not love you completely, with all we are! To give ourselves to you with all our weakness and, despite it, to live for you and to be the servants of your Kingdom?” (Written Espousal Love). Shalom’s Spirituality is based on the unconditional love, “espousal”, to Jesus Christ and in […]

St. Francis of Assisi

The Shalom vocation is a vocation with single traits influenced by the Franciscan Spirituality. Along with St. Teresa of Avila, St. Francis of Assisi is a teacher of spiritual life for the members of Shalom Community. He is a safe way that the catholic mystique presents us. We are inspired by him to cry out […]

Summer, WYD and Pope Francis

You may think  what Summer, World Youth Day and Pope Francis have in common to be together in this post. Well, I can assure you  that they have a lot in common actually. Let us start with Summer. It   is a great time, especially for those who live in North America, as we here  in […]

Definitive Promises

"And there is no turning back, our heart is yours". This year, on May 4th, three members of our mission made their Definitive Promises in the Shalom Charisma, committing themselves to live this Vocation forever as Life Community ( Paula Mainardi) and Covenant Community (Alexandre e Andrea Reis).

Life Community

The vocation to Shalom Community might be lived in two complementary dimensions: The Life Community and the Covenant Community. “In Life Community, our realization is no longer in what the world has to offer us, but it will be exactly in the renouncement of all this, for a total dedication to God and to the […]
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