The Shalom Community celebrates 15 years of Pontifical Recognition

The Community also celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.


The day of the Chair of Saint Peter is marked by various celebrations within the Shalom Catholic Community. The date celebrates the definitive approval of the Statutes by the Holy See. In the year in which it commemorates the 40th anniversary of its Foundation, the Community also celebrates 15 years of pontifical recognition and 10 years of the definitive approval of the Statutes, both carried out under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

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Born at the feet of Peter, during the apostolic visit of Pope John Paul II to Fortaleza in 1980, the Shalom Community recognizes on this date the fundamental aspects of the mission. The mandate received from Benedict XVI on the occasion of the definitive approval – “be joyful instruments of God’s love and mercy” – has been pursued by all missionaries throughout these ten years. 

Present in dozens of countries around the world, the Community is made up of men and women who, in the diversity of the forms of life present in the Church (marriage, priesthood and celibacy), engage in a community and missionary life with the aim of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all men and women, especially those far from Christ and the Church.

Recalling the celebrations that marked the definitive approval of the Statutes

It was the 30th anniversary of the Community. People from all over the world gathered in Rome for the Shalom Convention. The International Shalom Congress was on the agenda, with the participation of Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko and Friar Raniero Cantalamessa. The celebration also included the Halleluya Festival in Rome.

The Statutes of the Shalom Community had their definitive recognition five years after the first approval on an “ad experimentum” basis. The Statutes gather the rules and norms on how the Shalom Vocation should be lived. In addition to being inspired by God, the Statute is a sign of the charism, a concrete path of conversion and the search for holiness.

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