The Authorities Retreat of the Shalom Catholic Community took place online starting this past Friday, August 21st.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the retreat for community leaders is taking place online counting with the presence of more than 1,000 missionaries throughout Brazil and over 30 countries.


The Authorities Retreat of the Shalom Catholic Community began this past Friday, August 21st until Sunday, August 23rd, and will continue next weekend (August 28, 29 and 30). The retreat is held annually and this year, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is taking place online, broadcast directly from the Church of the Risen One who passed through the Cross.

The retreat aims to form a common mentality based on the Shalom Charism in the light of what is discerned as God’s will for the Community. According to João Edson Queiroz, missionary of the Life Community and General Assistant, “it is an important instrument for the Community to be governed according to God’s desire”.

With the theme “New Time”, based on the Listen Magazine 2019, durning the mornings the Authorities Retreat we are having preachings always given by the founder Moysés Azevedo as well as moments of prayer. In the afternoons the formations being prepared are focused on the general theme, the evangelization actions that involve the youth, the poor and the media. The annual General Assembly 2019 Document is also being addressed.

João Edson also affirms that “it was a desire from a long time for a greater number of people to be able to participate in this Retreat”. That is why more than 1,000 missionary brothers and sisters from the Life Community, the Covenant Community and the Shalom Work, spread throughout the Shalom missions of Brazil and all around the world, have been invited.

This year the Authorities Retreat has the special grace to count with the presence of our non-Brazilian missionary brothers and sisters, who, according to the Assistant, “will help the Community to respond to God’s call to evangelize to the ends of the Earth”. Simultaneous translations have been made available for our brothers and sisters to live the retreat more fully.


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