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Shalom Community helps on the Seminarians formation in Portugal

The Shalom Catholic Community has been invited by the rector of Saint Paul Seminary, Mr. Rui Teixeira, to be part of the professors’ board for the school year 2018/2019, at the Diocese of Setubal in Portugal, with the Community Local Authority, Messias Albano, who teaches the course of Human Formation. Messias has entered the Shalom Community at 20 […]

15 New Seminarians in Shalom Community

Shalom Catholic Community welcomes its new 15 Seminarians who will now start a new journey of discernment and formation towards priesthood. The Community is made of missionary men, women, singles, married couples and priests. It currently has 24 ordained priests who are in service of the Church in many of the Community’s missionary houses all over […]

Shalom Catholic Community is the response of God for my life

“We are a family. This is why the Community has as member people of various states of life: celibates for the Kingdom, single men and women, couples, priests, seminarians, deacons, men and women, young and old, married and single people. (...) In the explosion of love of the Trinity that creates all, redeems all and sanctifies all, they find the impetus for their mission” (Statutes of the Shalom Catholic Community - Preamble)
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